Freehand has lacqured Daniel Ivarssons helmet. Below is a short description of Daniel:

My name is Daniel Ivarsson and I'm 18 years old, I drive international formel cars racing. Recently I drove Formula Renault wich is the fastest class in Sweden with lap times around 7 seconds. That's faster than STCC!

I know the audience can have a hard time keeping track at who's who, a trick is to the watch the helmets, that's how you seperate Rubens Barachello from Michael Schumacher and that's one of the reasons why the helmet is so important for race car drivers.

The year 2005 I wanted a new painted helmet, Kricka at Freehand was my man. I told him how I wanted it and he made some drawings that I could choose from. The result was perfection, a design with both stripes and squares. The colors were exactly what I wanted and my helmet is truly special. I'm very pleased!

Daniel Ivarsson
Racingdriver, DIR